Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gloria Borger John Brennan: Gloria Borger grills John Brennan (video)

Listen as Gloria Borger, sitting in for CNN's John King, tells John Brennan that six government agencies had pertinent information on Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Christmas Day bomber - yet no one connected the dots.

He reiterates there was "no smoking gun," (already an old story), and she forces him to answer her questions. He tells her everyone in Africa buys airline tickets with cash because there is so much corruption there. That's some position for a Deputy Security Adviser to hold. If that's done in Africa that's one thing. If we don't allow that cash-paying customer to get to the U.S. that's another thing. As Bill Kristol said today, these people are not serious about a war.

Listen to this exchange. You''ll hear Brennan spinning for his life (or job).  Brennan is lying through his teeth and talking as fast as he can. He lies about "turf battles." Read it here. Brennan received a security briefing from Saudia Arabia specifically to warn him about bombers with bombs sewed into their underwear...and specifically from Yemen - just last October. Here's that report. Borger deserves a raucous "you go girl."

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Gloria Borger and John Brennan

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