Thursday, January 21, 2010

John Edwards Elizabeth Edwards Separated: John Edwards Admits Fathering Rielle's Baby

John and Elizabeth Edwards are reportedly separated, and John has admitted fathering Rielle Hunter's now two-year-old daughter, Quinn. Update 1-27-10 see below: Elizabeth Edwards has confirmed that she and her husband John Edwards are legally separated.

The former North Carolina senator, former presidential and vice presidential candidate, John Edwards, has admitted that he is the father of Rielle Hunters daughter. The man has lied about his own daughter for almost two years, and anonymous family members say he and Elizabeth are separated.

Just after Christmas 2009, rumors were rampant that Elizabeth booted John out of the house and told him she was filing divorce papers. He allegedly went to their vacation home on Figure Eight Island, NC, and hit on women in bars in the area. At least one women was willing to speak openly about it.

Elizabeth Edwards, a breast cancer survivor, announced that the cancer returned while Edwards was running for the Democrat nomination for president in 2007. John and Rielle were already an item at that time. The Edwards have three children together, the youngest of which is about 10 years old. Their first son died in an auto accident in 1996.

Update: 1-27-10:
People Magazine says Elizabeth Edwards has moved out of the couples 28,200 sq. ft. home. John Edwards, just like slimebag Tiger Woods, the woman moves to a home where absolutely nothing is familiar to the children. What's up with that? Of course, perhaps it was her choice - no longer able to ignore the stench.

Elizabeth Edwards' spokesperson has confirmed that the Edwards are legally separated in the state of North Carolina. According to NC law, the couple can divorce after a legal separation of one year. They were married in 1977. Financial and child custody arrangements are not known.

According to Mrs. Edwards' sister, Nancy Anania, Elizabeth said:
I've had it. I can't do this. I want my life back.
Here's more:
"Elizabeth was read portions of Young's book proposal, and she flipped out," a source told the Enquirer. "What really pushed her over the edge is Young's allegation that John had other affairs with women on the campaign trail. Elizabeth basically told John that if she found out that was true, she'd have to divorce him because then he'd be a 'serial cheater.'"

The Enquirer has another source that says John Edwards is denying the allegations, telling his wife, "Young's book is a pack of lies."

The paper reports that Elizabeth Edwards' divorce threats include taking half of their joint $53 million worth and going public with political secrets in open divorce court.

"Elizabeth knows every dirty little secret in her husband's political past. She's been his confidant for years, and she's always kept quiet. But now she's prepared to reveal all his secrets in open court," a source told the Enquirer.

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