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John Edwards Andrew Young: Andrew Youngs John Edwards Book The Politician

Andrew Young, the aide to presidential-wannabe John Edwards, has a book out soon, The Politician, about his boss and former U.S. Senator.

Andrew Young - John Edwards The Politician

The National Enquirer obliterated any hope of The Breck Boy's political future with a report that Edwards had a mistress, Rielle Hunter, - had her for awhile...and the duo had an infant child, all while Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, fought a recurrence of breast cancer, which had moved to her lung.

Andrew Young fell on the sword at the time, and claimed that Hunter's baby was his. Young's wife was none-too-happy. There was no money in it for Rielle and her baby daughter with Young thought to be the father. From the publisher's remarks:
While Young began a life on the run, hiding from the press with his family and alleged mistress, John Edwards continued to pursue the presidency and then the Vice Presidency in the future Obama administration.
Young recanted and his book: The Politician: An Insider's Account of John Edwards' Pursuit for the Presidency and the Scandal that Brought Him Down is due out in February 2010.

Andrew Young was said to be Edwards' "closest aide and most trusted friend:"
Like a non-fiction version of All the King's Men, The Politician offers a truly disturbing, even shocking perspective on the risks taken and tactics employed by a man determined to rule the most powerful nation on earth.
 In the shakedown after John Edwards' crash back to earth, we have watched Elizabeth Edwards try to cope with an uncurable cancer, and rumors that Rielle Hunter expected to be Mrs. John Edwards as soon as Elizabeth was out of the picture. More currently, reports are that Rielle and her daughter have moved near the Edwards' home in North Carolina, with the 46,550 a month rent paid by John Edwards.
After a secret DNA test proved John Edwards is the father of Rielle Hunter’s baby, the two of them moved in just down the street into a $1 million home quaintly called “Marsh Grass”.
 But then there is this report dated December 9, 2009:

John Edwards reportedly refused to let former mistress Rielle Hunter move into a house he bought for her because he was enraged by her demands for money.
According to the National Enquirer, Edwards has been secretly negotiating a child support agreement with Hunter, but discussions have turned sour.
"John thought he had sweetened the deal by getting Rielle a house, but she didn't think what he'd offered to pay in regular support for their daughter was fair," an insider disclosed.
"John was so angry that he wouldn't let Rielle move into the house, even with a moving van full of her belongings en route.
Michael Wolff, the author of The Man who Owns the News, Rupert Murdoch, and a Vanity Fair columnist says of The Politician:
This isn't just politics, it's literature. It's the great American novel, the kind that isn't written anymore."
With The Politician, will Liberals finally have a best-seller on their hands? Okay, I know Senator Ed Kennedy's True Compass is No. 5 on the NYT list, but you and I know that really doesn't count.

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