Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NY Met Museum of Art Hides Mohammad: Met Submits to Religion of Peace

So you think this prestigious museum is not HIDING images of Mohammad? Well sure they are. Out of deference, or out of sheer terror of terror? Muslims have complained that it is not acceptable to display images of their prophet. So of course, the images are down. The museum's official line is, "they didn't fit the theme" of the current collection. See an amusing video below.

Muhammad Art

The museum is also dropping the word "Islamic" from Islamic Galleries, a new section of the Met scheduled to open in 2011. The New York Post  says it's Jihad Jitters, and says the new name will be "awkward." Islamic art expert, Kishwar Rizvi, said the Met has nothing to fear from Mohammed. He forgets that it's not Mohammed strapping on the suicide vests.

This from Creeping Sharia:
Another victim submits to Islamic sharia law, probably fearing the “inflammable mobs” feared in India.
Almost comical that the NY Post would seek, and publish, opinion from Yale University, which refused to publish images of Mohammed in a book about…images of Mohammed.
A book, Muhammad: The “Banned” Images, was subsequently published with many images of Mohammed in response to Yale’s dhimmitude.
Dinah Lord says the removal of the images is "Dhimmi disgrace," and Gates of Vienna says it's "an infectious disease disease of sort and the vector is Islam...

Atlas Shrugs says the museum is commiting cultural jihad:
We are supposed to get on planes, go to stadiums and buck up but one of the world's greatest museums can't stand up for .....art.

More Muhammad Art

If you cannot conceive that Muslims from the Religion of Peace might punish the Met, remember the Muhammad cartoon controversy of 2005? When cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard released the infamous cartoon of Muhammad wearing a bomb in his turban, all hell broke loose around the world. Saudia Arabia boycotted, death threats were issued, and on New Year's Day 2010, an attempt on Westergaard's life was made when a Somali Muslim armed with an axe and a knife broke into his home. Westergaard survived because he had a "panic room" and a stellar security set-up. This was at least the second time that a plot to kill Westergaard was thwarted. In 2008, three Muslims were charged with planning his murder.

The cartoon was inserted into Geert Wilders 2008 film Fitna, without Westergaard's permission (at least that's the story). The gaping gap in Hell broke even wider - fatwahs were issued. If you have not seen it, it is a must. Visit Moonbattery for the film and commentary.

Frankly, I understand The Met not wanting to risk the lives of their employees, and its famous and irreplaceable assets, but there has to be another way. Islam asks nothing more than submission from each and every one of us worldwide. We should not give it to them.

Graphic credit: DarylCagle

Muhammad Art - Freedom of Speech Spread the Word (video)

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