Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Penske Truck Kennesaw Georgia 5 Shot 1 Dead Updates as Available

FOXNews is breaking that five have been shot at Penske Truck Rental in Kennesaw, Georgia. Four wounded are in critical condition. It is not known whether the shooter is in custody, alive or dead, but there is unconfirmed word that the shooter was apprehended. Other unconfirmed reports are that the shooter is a man dressed in camouflage, who entered the business and began firing. There are other reports that two are dead. Updates as available. Update 4:30 CDT: Three now said to be dead.

Kennesaw State University is located in the town of Kennesaw (Cobb County). The shootings occurred at the business located on Barrett Lakes Boulevard.

Update 2:00 p.m. CDT: Shep Smith at FOXNews nows says two are dead and three in critical condition. Same report says an Atlanta station is reporting that the shooter is in custody.

Update 4:30 CDT: 

Three now said to be dead. Four employees were shot and one customer. The shooter is believed to be white and a former employee.

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