Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Right Reading Roundup 1-21-10 at Maggie's Notebook

All the news, all the time has been about Scott Brown. Still is today. Here's more as well as  other news and thoughts that may have gotten lost in the excitement.

American and Proud says I think I'm a Conservative, who knew.... This list is one to keep handy. There is so much to fall through the cracks of our memory. Use it keep your mad-on.

Bloviating Zeppelin talks about the Council of Governors. Do you know about this Obama hand-picked panel which will be reviewing our National Guard, homeland defense, civil support, and how about a "National Stability Force?"

MindNumbedRobot says that Texas law still allows illegal aliens in colleges paying far less tuition than legal immigrants and American citizens - and it is unconsititutional. I thought Texas fixed that? 

ReganiteRepublican has a video that see us through the next three years, ever a reminder that we must be vigil. See the history of a Massachusetts Miracle.

TheOtherMcCain, who was at Brown's headquarters last night, says Hannah Giles showed up (the young woman who went undercover to film the ACORN-underage-prostitution video). Read what is next for her and follow McCain's link to his American Spectator column today, where he confirms that the Brown crowd did indeed chant "John Kerry's next!" after Martha conceded.

RightWingNews has a United Nations report misleading the world on the quickly melting Himalayan glacier which is not quickly melting. A short phone call with an Indian scientist who says he "speculated" is it took for the UN to take the information as gospel fact.

ChicagoRay features John Stossel's Crony Capitalism - not the capitalism you and I know. Stossel denounces the idea that capitalism has anything to do with the recession. Hear the truth about the cronies, Congress, and the economic apocalypse.

Michelle Makin reports on Michael Mann's global hot air in the ClimateGate scandal, and Penn State's "vested interest in the big research dollars" granted for warming research. You want to see this video!

DoTheRightThing reports that the ACLU loses the Ten Commandments Case in Kentucky. This is action in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Important news, perhaps buried in the Massachusetts elections.

Ft. Hard Knox says after the Scott Brown win, the "mythology surrounding President Obama is now in tatters: The Second American Revolution begins once again in Massachusetts.

American Thinker's Steve McCann says there is a Coming Democrat Counteroffensive. He warns about not falling into the hands of Democrat strategists. The money spent by Democrats in for the November elections will be "staggering," he says. In short, our enthusiasm and our vigilence must not wane.

TheTrogloPundit takes a look at David Brooks' analysis of Barack Obama.

TheClimateDepot: pick an article - any article. You'll love this, Mother Jones Mag says "Climate Depot has more than 168,000 unique visitors in a month, making it the most popular denial site."

At TheJawaReport watch a Haiti rescue video with the crowd shouting USA, USA.

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