Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Munich Airport Terminal 2 shut down: Munich Passenger flees Laptop checked for explosives

Munich international airport, Terminal 2 is shut down as authorities search for a man who fled from a security check into a "closed-off area" of the airport. Authorities confiscated his laptop, which some reports say showed traces of explosives.  Numerous flights have been held. A search for the man is underway. More as details are available. Source: News24. Update 1-20-10: Correction to the above report. Both the man and the laptop are still missing. The exact wording is: "...when a passenger whose laptop tested positive for explosives moved past security and could not be stopped." Terminal 2 has reopened. 

Police say they have a security video showing the man.

At around 3:30 p.m., an airport security device alerted officials to possible explosives in the laptop, but the man then proceeded through security control with his laptop before officials could take a second look.

The airport's police director Edgar Dommermuth said in a press conference it was not immediately clear whether the laptop indeed contained explosives or if it was a false alarm.
German police are calling for a complete investigation into security procedures at all German airports.

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