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Sarah Palin Campaigns for McCain: McCain No Conservative Hero

Hubby and I have been grousing about Sarah Palin campaigning for Senator John McCain. "What is she thinking," is what we've asked over and over again. John McCain is no conservative hero.

After health care is sufficiently wounded, and laid aside, illegal migrant amnesty will arise from the dead. McCain joined with Teddy Kennedy to bring another amnesty plan to the U.S. After it failed due to a massive grassroots effort, he said he "got the message" about our fierce dislike of the legislation, but did he, and why should we believe him?  I do not believe he will vote against another attempt, whether he is the author of such legislation, or not. This maverick will clearly join with Democrats on this issue.

Palin believes McCain is a man of honor, and of course, an American hero. We all believe that, but what we also know is that in many ways John McCain is no conservative. Michelle Malkin warns us to Beware McCain Regression Syndrome and details the problem with John McCain in her column today. Here are snippets:

Pay attention: In the afterglow of the Massachusetts Miracle, there are flickers of peril for The Right. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but like Paul Revere’s midnight-message, consider this warning “a cry of defiance, and not of fear.” Conservatives have worked hard over the past year to rebuild after Big Government Republican John McCain’s defeat. But McCain isn’t going gently into that good night....

Savor the irony: After a career spent bashing the right flank of the party, Sen. McCain is now clinging to its coattails to save his incumbent hide.

And pay attention to the hidden, more troubling irony: While he runs to the right to protect his seat, McCain’s political machine is working across the country to install liberal and establishment Republicans to secure his legacy...
I've talked about McCain and illegal migrant amnesty here. Malkin covers everything else. Please go read this article at Michelle Malkin.

No Republican has reached across the aisle more often, and more foolishly, than John McCain. I remember, back in the day (June 2007) when McCain was pushing with Senator Ted Kennedy for the gigantic amnesty for illegals; at an Iowa town hall meeting McCain was asked why we could not "execute large-scale deportations, as he had heard they did in France and other countries, (and as did President Dwight Eisenhower).

McCain went ballistic and said this:
In case you hadn't noticed, the thousands of people who have been relegated to ghettos have risen up and burned cars in France," McCain said. "They've got huge problems in France. They have tremendous problems. The police can't even go into certain areas in the suburbs of Paris. I don't want that in the suburbs of America.
In McCain's snit, he compared us to France. Suggested that our police might not be able to enter Hispanic neighborhoods, and compared our situation with the Islamic problem in France. If you remember that feeling of extreme heartburn during the days before we killed amnesty...that's about how I feel about Sarah Palin supporting John McCain.

General Eisenhower wrote in the New York Times:
The rise in illegal border-crossing by Mexican(s) [snip] to a current rate of more than 1,000,000 cases a year has been accompanied by a curious relaxation in ethical standards extending all the way from the farmer-exploiters of this contraband labor to the highest levels of the Federal Government.
At the time, John Dillin, writing for The Christian Science Monitor, said:
As many as 3 million illegal migrants had walked and waded northward over a period of several years for jobs in California, Arizona, Texas, and points beyond.
President Eisenhower cut off this illegal traffic. He did it quickly and decisively with only 1,075 United States Border Patrol agents - less than one-tenth of today's force. The operation is still highly praised among veterans of the Border Patrol.
Profits from illegal labor led to the kind of corruption that apparently worried Eisenhower. Joseph White, a retired 21-year veteran of the Border Patrol, says that in the early 1950s, some senior US officials overseeing immigration enforcement "had friends among the ranchers," and agents "did not dare" arrest their illegal workers.
The short story of President Eisenhower's heroic actions, are that he put tens of thousands of illegal migrants and returned them to their home country by bus, train and ship - deep into Mexico so that a return trip was not all that easy.

Sarah, if you are a true conservative, get out of the McCain camp. He is no conservative hero. This is not the time for a very nice lady to help because she was asked to help the man who  left her under the bus of his wayward presidential race. What are you thinking? We counted on you to support conservatism, not friendship. We will not forget this. Running as his Vice-President is one thing. Campaigning for him is another. This will hurt your future, whatever that may be.

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