Friday, February 5, 2010

Airport Body Scanners Increase Radiation Exposure: Pregnant Jihadists Should Not be Scanned

In a report not intended for the public to see, we learn that airport full body scanners can raise the levels of the body's radiation, even though the radiation dose is "extremely small." Pregnant women and children should not be subject to full body scanners.

There goes the only opportunity we have to stop pregnant jihadists, whether female or male.

The US has committed $734 million to get scanners into American airports. The TSA has 150 machines on order, and currently have an additional 300 in operation:

“There is little doubt that the doses from the backscatter x-ray systems being proposed for airport security purposes are very low,” Health Protection Agency doctor Michael Clark said by phone from Didcot, England. “The issue raised by the report is that even though doses from the systems are very low, they feel there is still a need for countries to justify exposures.”
What about the person who boards airplanes almost everyday for work? Apparently we receive a small dose of radiation simply from flying, anyway:
Most of the scanners deliver less radiation than a passenger is likely to receive from cosmic rays while airborne, the report said. Scanned passengers may absorb from 0.1 to 5 microsieverts of radiation compared with 5 microsieverts on a flight from Dublin to Paris and 30 microsieverts between Frankfurt and Bangkok, the report said. A sievert is a unit of measure for radiation.
Of course, more studies are on the way way.

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