Friday, February 5, 2010

Olbermann Conservatives Crazy: Conspiracy Against Olbermanns Ratings: Olbermann Blames Bush Video

Hehehe. Olbermann says conservatives are "crazy" to think his ratings are down. Can't wait to hear O'Reilly on this one. Olbermann didn't mention the FOXNews primetime star, who bashes Olbermann and MSNBC daily, but his photo, all done up in a tux does flash on the screen. In the video below you'll hear a rant about former First Lady Laura Bush's press secretary. Still blaming Bush.

Keith Olbermann thinks Conservatives Crazy for Bashing his Ratings (video)

 Here are some stats from Daily Caller, who tracked Olbermann's insanity this week (it's their job!):
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4: I haven’t mentioned it yet, but it’s been a rough week for Keith Olbermann. January’s viewership numbers were released a few days ago, and “Countdown” was down 44% among adults ages 25 to 54 from last year at this time. He drew 268,000 viewers a night in that key group, compared to his rival Bill O’Reilly’s 964,000. The New York Post asked, “Has the countdown begun for the end of ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann?’” Earlier in the week, Olbermann had bashed the AOL-owned website DailyFinance, not known for any particular partisan bent, as a “right-wing site” (that phrase has been erased from the transcript, but you can see it here: Link) TRANSCRIPTSEGMENT

Tonight Olbermann fought back yet again against some of the ratings chatter that has been plaguing him all week. He boasted that his numbers grew between December and January, which unfortunately is not the relevant comparison and not a measurement anyone uses, unless they’re desperately trying to prove their own relevance. Well, for what it’s worth, Keith, you still have one loyal viewer who hopes “Countdown” has a long life on MSNBC. I really need this job.

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