Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dianne Feinstein Hand Notes 1990 - Another Cheating Moment for Feinstein

Liberals reported Sarah Palin's "hand notes" as further proof of Palin's lack of intelligence - can't make a speech without notes - nevermind that the President cannot utter a word without his TOTUS (Teleprompter of the U.S). What would Liberals do without Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin, neither of whom lack for anything, as they well know.

Palin wrote three topics on the palm of her hand when addressing the National Tea Party in Nashville. Palin has a lot to say. She never lacks for words. It is easy to get wound-up, go long on one topic and end up short on another. So, she wrote a reminder on her palm.

And so did, now Senator, Dianne Feinstein, but Feinstein was in a debate; notes, including palm notes were forbidden - but she did it anyway. Watch the video of Feinstein, and notice that former Bush Press Secretary, Dana Perino, said had she done the "palm note" tease from the White House Press Secretary's podium, as did Robert Gibbs, she would have probably been fired.

Dianne Feinstein Uses Palm Notes
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