Monday, February 15, 2010

Evan Bayh Retires: Democrat Senator Evan Bayh Retires Indiana Seat

Senator Evan Bayh has announced he will retire from the U.S. Senate - just in from FOXNews. At the same time, an article on Politico dated February 11th, that Bayh leads his Republican opponent  by 20 points. More as details emerge.

Senator Evan Bayh

Senator Bayh was elected to the Senate in 1998. Here is a short statement from Bayh:
After all these years, my passion for service to my fellow citizens is undiminished, but my desire to do so by serving in Congress has waned," Bayh will say.
A 2:00 PM EST press conference is schedule for the announcement.

Update 2-15-10:
Just noticed on Twitter that Filing Day in Indiana is this Friday. Not much time for a new Dem candidate to gear up.

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