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Amy Bishop Suspect in Mail Pipe Bombing of Harvard Professor?

Dr. Amy Bishop was the prime suspect in a 1993 mail pipe bombing attempt of a Harvard Medical School professor. Read about the novel found on her computer. Updates and Details as they evolve. Update 2-15-10 below.

Amy Bishop 
(inset is Maria Ragland Davis, one of Bishop's deceased victims)

The 1993 attempted bombing happened at the same time the Unabomber was being sought. Those working with Bishop at the time say they were terrified:
We were completely rattled -- it was the time of the Unabomber," former co-worker Sylvia Fluckiger said of the two homemade pipe bombs that were sent to the professor's house. The bombs were later detonated by the bomb squad.
Ms. Fluckiger said Bishop and the Dr. Paul Rosenberg had a disagreement.
I just know there was an argument ... that the police questioned her," Fluckiger said. "She had told me they talked to her about those bombs. She had like a grin on her face."
This report says that Dr. Rosenberg either did, or planned to, give Bishop a negative job performance evaluation.

The Amy Bishop saga should make it mandatory that background checks for University personnel be thorough. What are these people doing on our campus' with our children?
Investigators told ABC News that during the investigation into the bombing they found a novel on her computer that described a scientist who had shot her brother and then sought redemption.
Bishop and her husband, Jim Anderson were both questioned about the package containing two bombs was sent to Dr. Rosenberg's home in Newton, Massachusetts. The case remains unsolved.

ABC is reporting that the 1993 investigation will not be reopened, but the shooting and death of Bishop's brother, Seth Bishop, will be reopened.

Update 2-15-10:
A Braintree, Mass. man say he was at work at an auto dealership the day Bishop shot her brother. Here's a snippet of the story - and after this, think about how this woman could have cleared in the death of her brother so easily:

Tom Pettigrew, 45, told the Herald he was working at the Dave Dinger Ford auto repair shop in South Braintree, near the former Bishop home, when he saw the gun-wielding woman run into the dealership with what he thought was a BB gun.

Pettigrew said he heard noise coming from where car keys are stored, so he went to investigate.

“I go over to the door and I can sense that she’s right near the door,” Pettigrew said. “I’m thinking it’s a BB gun. I open the door and she’s right there and we basically bumped into each other and I got a shotgun right in my chest!”

And she’s like, ‘Hands up!’ and I’m like, ‘Yes ma’am’

Bishop appeared agitated and nervous, Pettigrew said. The University of Alabama professor now accused of killing three colleagues Friday said she needed a car because, “I got into a fight with my husband and he’s going to kill me,” the worker recalled.
Pettigrew says Bishop was walking through dealership looking at cars when the police arrived. Police questioned him, he told his story, but he never heard from them again. Read the entire story here.

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