Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Evans Muncie Alive after 28 Days Under Haiti Rubble

Evans Muncie, a 28 year old man, was found alive today under the rubble of the Haiti earthquake. See a video below.

Evans Muncie
Buried for 27-28 days, reports say that the severely emaciated Muncie will recover. He was taken to the American field hospital where he was treated for dehydration, malnutrition and festering wounds on both of his feet. He was found in the rubble of the Croix Bossal market where he worked in Port-au-Prince, and had not been seen since the 7.0 quake hit. Doctors said he was disoriented and at times, thought he was still buried. God bless this young man and those caring for him.

Evans Muncie found alive after 27-28 days in Haiti rubble (video)
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