Thursday, February 25, 2010

George Stephanopoulos Bill O'Reilly Interview: Health Care, Sarah Palin, Jeb Bush, Ross Perot.

George Stephanopoulos interviewed Bill O'Reilly. Several interesting things in this. The interview begins with health care. O'Reilly says the President's bill will cost far more than the Democrats claim of $1 trillion - instead it will be between $2 trillion and $6 trillion. See the video below.

Stephanopoulos says you sound more and more like Ross Perot. You are representing the angry people in the middle.

Sarah Palin - they play a clip of Jeb Bush saying she needs to take the personal charisma and add some principles of the complexity of the way we live today. O'Reilly said Palin needs to go to political college, and she is doing so, she has hired the people to bring her up to speed.

O'Reilly says, hey, you don't think Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid are genuises? They're afraid to come on my show. They're not genuises.

Bill O'Reilly interviewed by George Stephanopoulous (video)

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