Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amy Bishop Bill Delahunt Wendy Murphy: Delahunt Defends his Influence Peddling that Kept Amy Bishop from being Charged

Wendy Murphy, a victim's rights advocat takes Rep. Bill Delahunt to task. Delahunt was instrumental in University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH) killer, Amy Bishop Anderson, not being charged in the murder of her brother.

The story was that police were readying to book Bishop in 1986 when the Police Chief Polio talked to Delahunt, then the District Attorney, by phone. When he hung up, Bishop was released.

Rather than taking responsibility, Delahunt pointed the finger of blame at Braintree cops, claiming it was their fault he knew nothing about the fact that after Bishop shot her brother to death, she ran to a nearby auto body shop and aimed the weapon at an employee. Delahunt said he would have filed weapons charges against Bishop, had he known, so that she could have gotten necessary “mental health” services. 
Murphy points a few gaping whole in the current U.S. Democrat Congressman's postition:

1) The question is not whether he charged her, but is whether it was murder or not.

2) He blames Braintree, Mass. police for not giving him a proper report on the incident, but "in every homicide, it's the District Attorney, not the police who decide whether criminal charges are appropriate. The shooting was front page news. Delahunt had to know the details.

3) Delahunt says a witness' testimony, from a confrontation with Bishop and her rifle right after she killed her brother, was not the issue. Delahunt never explored a motive. Didn't explore the autopsy findings, and the fact that you really can't accidentally shoot someone with a 12-guage pump-action shotgun.

4) A State Trooper assigned to Delahunt's office filed a report saying it was an accident with only Bishop's account of the shooting.

and this:

5)...Delahunt also had independent control over the autopsy, which would have been critical to a determination that the shooting was “accidental” because autopsies in shooting deaths show the trajectory of the wound. For example, a bullet that goes “straight” through a body- as apparently was the case with Amy’s brother – would disprove that the weapon went off “by accident” because an “accidental” shooting would create an “angled” rather than “straight” trajectory.

There's more. Read Murphy's comments here, and remember that Amy Bishop killed 3 people and wounded 3 - two of them critically. She is believed to have pipe bombs through the mail to a Harvard professor, and she hit a woman in a pancake house.

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