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Herbert Fisher, Zelmyra Fisher Worlds Longest Married Couple Tweeting Away: Fishers Tweethearts Married 85 Years

Herbert Fisher and his wife of 85 years, Zelmyra will celebrate their 86th wedding anniversary in May 2010. They Tweet and Facebook. Can you believe that?

Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher

The Fishers married in 1924. Mr. Fisher is 104 years old and Mrs. Fisher is 102. They tweet at longestmarried, where the last tweet says "we are overwhelmed."
We are both Christians and belive in God. Marriage is a commitment to the Lord. We pray with and for each other every day.
You'll have to find their Facebook Fan Page, because my link does not work. Word around is that they known as America's Tweethearts.

From Mashable:
The couple, who enjoy hanging on their front porch, watching trains pass by, counting cars and talking to their neighbors, are apparently the model of wedded bliss. They each have their own bedroom — so Herbert can stay up late watching baseball. Well, I guess distance does makes the heart grow fonder.
Granddaughter, Iris Godette submitted information to the Guinness Book of Records. The Fishers are the longest living married couple and in one year they will surpass the longest living couple ever, the deceased Philipose and Sosamma Thomas of India. The Thomas' were married 86 years and 128 days:
However, when you ask Herbert about the Guinness recognition, he just says, "Oh, Yeah?" The recognition has not changed their life.

He still looks at her with love and concern, as she looks toward him as if he will give her strength and guidance.
The Fishers live on their own. They have 5 children, and the Fishers put them all through college. There are also 10 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great grandchild. Daughter Norma Godette said they were poor but didn't "do without a thing." She said if her Dad had two cents, he saved one. He worked at the Coca-Cola Bottling Company as a mechanic for 35 years.

Mr. Fisher is beginning to lose his hearing, and the Mrs. uses a walker to get around but their minds are still alert. Here's why they married on May 13, 1924
He was not mean; he was not a fighter," Zelmrya said. "He was quiet and kind. He was not much to look at but he was sweet."

Herbert said Zelmyra never gave him any trouble. "No, no trouble at all. We never argued, but we might have disagreed," he said.
Herbert and Zelmyra have attended different churches throughout their entire marriage. She attends a Baptist Church and he goes to the Methodist Episcopal, both in the city of James City. He is a huge baseball fan - the Atlanta Braves being his fav team. They share the title of "boss," and enjoy sitting on their front porch, counting the cars on the trains that pass by.

Mr. Fisher says he has "lived a nice holy life" and he will do "anything" for Zelmyra. Do stories get more wonderful than this one?

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