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Bill Delahunt Amy Bishop: Delahunt Releases Bishop? Bishop Points Gun at Passing Car?

Rep. Bill Delahunt (D-MASS) was the District Attorney at the time that University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) shooter, Amy Bishop shot and killed her brother in 1986. Something I've heard nothing about is the current Chief of Police in Braintree, Massachusetts, saying in the video below, that Amy Bishop pointed the shotgun at a passing vehicle as she fled her home, after shooting her brother.

 Democrat Rep. Bill Delahunt with Hugo Chavez

Bishop opened fire on colleagues at UAH, last week, killing three and leaving three critically wounded. As the news raced throughout the country, we learned that Dr. Bishop had also shot her 18 year old brother, Seth Bishop, some 24 years ago. He died within minutes of arriving at the hospital. Charges against Amy Bishop were mysteriously dropped, but police around at that time, still remember the case - but they do not all remember it the same way. In fact, even Amy and her mother remember the circumstances differently, of the shot that killed their brother and son.
According to the current Braintree police chief, Paul H. Frazier, Amy Bishop fatally shot her 18-year-old brother, Seth, on Dec. 6, 1986, but was set free the same day by Braintree Police under orders from then-Police Chief John Polio.
In news accounts at the time, Polio called the death an accident that happened when Bishop was learning how to unload a shotgun.
Frazier challenged that account today, saying instead that Bishop shot her brother during an argument and fled on foot with the 12-gauge shotgun before being captured by police, who handcuffed her and took her to the station. The case file, including the report of the incident, disappeared shortly thereafter, he said. 
Police released Bishop after a telephone conversation with then-District Attorney Bill Delahunt, long an advocate for confiscating the guns of American citizens.
The police officers here were very upset about that," said Frazier, who was a patrolman at the time and spoke to officers who remembered the incident that day, including one who filed a report on it. 
In the video below, you will hear current Police Chief Frazier say Amy's mother was a "public figure" and that is why she was never charged in the murder of her brother. Gateway Pundit has the scoop on Judith Bishop at the time her son died. AND also, Frazier says that when Amy Bishop left the house after shooting her brother, she aimed the shotgun at a passing car (about 1:56 minutes in).

The case files on the death of Seth Bishop have been missing since 1987-1988, but yesterday the  police released a 12-page report written on the day of the shooting, saying that Amy Bishop was "too emotional" to be questioned. Authorities returned to the home 11 days later and met with Amy and her parents "individually."
According to the investigation report, after Amy and her father had a disagreement, he left for a shopping trip and she went to her room. Amy decided to go to her parents’ room to teach herself to load the shotgun the family had acquired the previous year for protection after a break-in. She succeeded but could not remove the shells, and the gun fired in the bedroom. Amy then went downstairs to ask for help unloading it and inadvertently shot her brother while her mother watched, according to the report.
Makes me think her father did the right thing by leaving the house.

Her Mother's story:
 Amy’s mother said Amy asked her for help unloading the gun; she told Amy to be careful where she pointed it, and that Amy turned and accidentally shot her brother. Her mother said she screamed and called the police, as Amy ran out of the house.
Amy's story:
Amy said she asked her brother, not her mother, for help unloading the gun, and that she was pointing it beside her leg for safety. She said her brother told her to point it up instead. As he walked across the kitchen floor, someone said something, and Amy turned and the gun went off.
David Codrea at The Examiner has a new bit of information on the UAH shooting. Amy Bishop dumped her gun in a second-floor bathroom before exiting the building. Oh, and did I mention that searches show that the mainstream media, for the most part, is NOT MENTIONING DELAHUNT, or that he is a Democrat. I have have one mention in the New York Times.

Current Police Chief Frazier talks about the Death oof Seth Bishop (video)

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