Friday, February 12, 2010

Right Reading Roundup 2-12-10 at Maggie's Notebook

The problem with blogging is, there is never enough time to read the great work posted by the thousands everyday. From this week, here are a few of my favorites.

 Cartoon courtesy of Digital Digressions

Teresaamerica - Andrew Klavan in priceless "President Me! The Musical." More than worth a watch - it's priceless.

Woman Honor Thyself - one of the best essays on womanhood I've read. If you have a daughter, you must read Angel's post.

Ruby Slippers has a video with Megyn Kelly questioning Chris Wallace his "Sarah Palin eyeroll." Did it happen or not? Hear Wallace's surprising comment at Joe Scarborough.

Chicago Ray at his new blog, A Chicagoan's Conservative Chronicles with a piece from Larry Elder on "Liberal Deficit Hypocrisy." Checkout Ray's beautiful new news magazine.

The Lonely Conservative sheds light on Obama and, at least, some of his time at Occidental College. Read a first-hand account from a man who had dinner and conversation with Obama, "back then." Our president is the radical Marxist elitist we know he is, and always has been. I hope we begin hearing more at the Obama Early Years now that everyone is comfortable with tagging him a failure.

Butch at 123 Beta shows how to turn off Google Buzz if you are concerned about your privacy, and he also has a funny, real-life video up of a burglar trying to get out of a large supermarket.

Doug Ross has a photo essay about the free market - what the free market did and did not do. Supreme talking points!

Sister Toldjah writing a thoughtful essay at The Velvet Lair, on "Is being a Christian boring? 

Tea and Politics reports that 48 Christians were forced from their homes in Laos and are now sleeping on the ground in the woods with little food or survival gear. This time the persecution is at the hands of Buddhists.

Truth and Consequences - A good primer on the Constitution and how we lost our Constitutional Republic.

Sweetness and Light points to more Democrat deception as they blame "tax extenders" on Republicans, when the legislation actually includes "extensions of tax cuts."

Atlas Shrugs on Obama's Brownshirts in our children's schools. Another real story of our kids intimidated and shamed by teachers

Whoa...in Iowa? The Other McCain on a 17-year-old stripper ruled legal by a judge.

Infidel Blogger's Alliance - a 26 year old woman in Hebron, Israel who drew a pic of a pig, named it Mohamed and spent 16 months in an Israeli prison, sent there by an Israeli judge.

Avi Green at Tel Chai Nation tells of a 13-year-old raped and imprisoned - for 6 months - by a Muslim in Buffalo, New York. We need to know these things.

Reganite Republican talks about "Murtha's seat" and what may be possible for Republicans.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit on the incredible revelation from Debra Medina, running for Texas Governor. Unbelievable!

And last but never least, is Daniel Greenfield's essay at Sultan Knish on the  causes of the Collapse of Civilization:
What if the sympathy for terrorism and the drive toward socialism, the falling birth rates and cultural bankruptcy in civilized countries, the economic decay and decline of the family all had a common cause?...They say that the child is father to the man. But what becomes of the man when the child never grows up? That is the unfortunate question that civilization as we know it, is confronted by. That is the question it will have to answer if it wants to survive.

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