Saturday, February 6, 2010

Socialism Attractive to Democrats: One-half of Dems Do Not Like Capitalism

A new Gallup poll shows 53% of Democrats and Left-leaners view Socialism positively, with only 17% of Republicans or Right-leaners doing the same. Seventy-two percent of Republicans are positive toward Capitalism, but only 53% of Democrats share that view. That is a scary stat: think about it, barely half of Democrats think Capitalism is a good idea for America.

Among those considering themselves "moderates," 39% have a positive view of Socialism, and 54% do not. Sixty-one percent of self-described Liberals view Socialism in a positive light. Among all Americans, 58% see Socialism as a negative, and 36 percent view it positively.

Among all Americans in this poll only 4% had a negative view toward small business, 10% has a negative view of free enterprise, 10% sees entrepreneurs negatively, 33% are negative toward capitalism, 51% see the federal government as a negative, and in the only tie in the poll, "big business" is deemed both negatively and positively by 49% each.

Republicans and Right-leaners and Democrats and Left-leaners, each see small business, free enterprise and entrepreneurs positively, but the divide comes when capitalism is mentioned.

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