Saturday, February 6, 2010

Judge Demands Andrew Young Turnover John Edwards Rielle Hunter Stex Tape

Andrew Young, the former aid to Senator John Edwards, was on Hannity this week, saying the FBI had a copy of the John Edwards - Rielle Hunter sex tape and he had one in his possession. Now it appears a Superior Court Judge is demanding that Young turnover his copy of the tape and is threatening jail time for Young if he fails to comply, which he has already done at least once.

Hunter has a temporary restraining order against Young. She is also suing him for "invasion of privacy."

The tape, Young says, shows Edwards in a sexual encounter with a pregnant woman that Young believes to be Hunter. Young’s attorneys had argued that the tape Hunter was seeking appeared to be different from the one he has.

Young told reporters after the court hearing that he and his wife, Cheri, were happy to comply and supply the items. He has previously said that he kept the tape as security and proof of his story while declining large financial offers for the video.

“There’s a reason nobody’s ever seen the tape,” Young said outside the courthouse. He also said in his affidavit that he would turn over campaign videos and photographs shot by Hunter.
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