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Taliban Siraj Haqqani Rape Tape Videos

I recently posted information via the The JAWA Report and author Brad Thor about serial rapes and murders by the Taliban's Siraj Haqqani, his physician and his uncle. At the time, I linked to a video of one of these men, presumably Siraj Haqqani raping a woman who was later murdered. See video link below.

Today, Brad Thor, writing at Big Journalism reports that the Haqqani terror network, considered "the backbone of the Taliban and al-Qaeda in the Afghanistan/Pakistan theater, is effectively under attack by conservative mullahs and mid-level Taliban inside the network.

Recently, this mid-level Taliban commander shared a chilling story with me.  He told me it was a scandal that would rock the Muslim world like nothing before and that it would “devastate” the Haqqani network.  “What Abu Ghraib was for you Americans,” he said, “this will be for the Haqqanis; only worse.”
According to Vahid Brown, a counter-terrorism instructor at West Point, the Haqqaini's were responsible for the attempted assassination of Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai, the bombing of Serena Hotel in Kabul and a wave of suicide attacks at Camp Salerno, a U.S. military base.

The rapes and murders by the Haqqani's brought the outspoken wrath of at least one imam. Thor distributed the tape showing despicable acts on a young woman, with the voice of the iman calling for Islam to reject this evil (transcript).
As Siraj Haqqani moved from village to village, rounding up the sons of poor Muslim families to fight for the Taliban and Al Qaeda, he offered the villagers free medical care.  He even sent his physician, Dr. Hassan Duraz to conduct the clinics.  There was a horrific catch, though.  Duraz was a monster.

He arrived in each village with Siraj Haqqani’s uncle, Ibrahim, and Siraj’s cousin, Ishak, in tow.  With them, the Haqqanis brought along their own very special tools of terror – a video camera and an eye for human flesh.  You see, with Haqqani healthcare, you not only received a medical exam, if you were an attractive young girl, you also got a screen test.  And heaven forbid you passed.

For those women and girls unfortunate enough to catch the good doctor’s fancy, it was show time.  The Haqqani uncle and cousin would be brought into the exam room, they would set up their video equipment, and Duraz would drop his trousers and go to work.

The Haqqanis and Duraz sexually assaulted poor women throughout the tribal regions and captured every moment of their degradation and humiliation on video to enjoy over and over again.
When the rape videos, taken throughtout the region leaked, as you know they would, Siraq Haqqani murdered everyone involved - the women and even the doctor. His uncle and cousin were spared.

So now, things have changed for Siraq Haqqani and he is a monster in the midst of Islam. According to Thor, no one will chance an association with him or anyone in his family, including his father, Jalaluddin Haqqani.

Obviously, there are many Muslims, and many imams who would never condone these barbaric acts, but from my jaded viewpoint, I don't see those people being found among the Taliban. Think of the terrible assaults on women by Saddam Hussein and his loathsome son. Think of the young girls called out of classrooms to entertain them.

Children are raped all over the world by Muslim men espousing Allah. Rape is used as punishment for Muslim women in the name of honor. Once raped, they are unclean and even the women in the family foresake them. Muslim women are sold as slaves. Muslim women are beheaded. Muslim women are stoned. They are lashed and imprisoned. I doubt the Haqqaini's are much worse than the average Muslim head-of-family.

View the video here, but a warning, it is not for the faint-of-heart - and as Thorn said, it is certainly not safe to show in your workplace.

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