Friday, February 5, 2010

Todd T. Brown Dies After Gun Shot Wound in Alabama Discovery Middle School

Very sad news. Todd T. Brown has died from his wounds today after being shot by another unidentified 9th grader in the hallway of his school. The shooter is in police custody. Updates as available. See a video below. See update, including funeral services, below.

Todd T. Brown

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Todd T. Brown Dies

Update 2-7-10: 
The name of the shooter has still not been released. A 15 year old student, Aaron Sims said about the shooter:
"I saw (him) and he walks up, and he's very calm," 15-year-old Aaron Sims said of the shooter, another Discovery student. "I didn't think anything was up. I was about eight feet away.

"He came up from behind Todd, pulled the gun out of his jacket pocket, put it to the back of his head and shot it," Sims said. "Then he lowered the gun, cocked it again and walked away like nothing happened ... creepy."
Students say they ran to a classroom when Todd was shot, because they thought he might shoot others. In one room, students held the door shut because the teacher could not get the door locked.

School officials sent the Code Red announcement over the loud speakers, and that is how the children knew that Todd was actually shot, and it was a real emergency.

The shooter is being held at the Neaves Davis Center for Children, a juvenile detention center in Huntsville, AL:
The alleged shooter left a chilling message on his MySpace page 21 hours before the shooting: "Squirming in pain, writhing in agony."
The police are trying to keep the shooter's name private, as he is a juvenile, but many of the student know him, and the name is bound to leak out. A friend of the shooter said he just got in with the wrong crowd, and had recently been depressed.

Update 2-8-10:
The funeral for Todd T. Brown is scheduled for 12 Noon, Friday, February 12th, 2010 at Oakwood University Church. Royal Funeral Homes is handling the arrangements.

If you would like to make a donation to help the family with the cost of the burial, Redstone Federal Credit Union has setup the Todd Brown Angel Fund at any of their locations.

Update 2-8-10:
See information on the murderer of Todd T Brown here.

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