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Gigi Jordan Kills Son in Failed Suicide Attempt: Gigi Jordan Kills Son Jude, in Peninsula Hotel

Gigi Jordan is described as a Manhattan socialite. She is believed to have killed her 8-year-old son, Jude Jordan Mirra, in the Peninsula Hotel at 55th Street where the body of the boy was found along with Jordan, still alive, with several suicide notes found in the room. See update below.

Peninsula Hotel

Off-topic, but notice the woman in the full-length fur. Where's PETA? Who knew you could wear fur these days on the streets of New York.

This report says that Jude was 9 years old, not 8, and says he was autistic. It also says the boy may have been strangled, which differs from the reports below.

Jordan, 49, is Belgian, said to be wealthy and the hostess of "big parties at the Rainbow Room,"  is reported to be in stable condition after ingesting prescription medicines:
The Post reported that the boy was found lying in bed wearing his pajamas and surrounded by thousands of prescription pills. A police source did say that prescription medication may have been involved.
THOUSANDS of pills. How does one get their hands on "thousands" of prescription pills?

From the NYDailyNews:
Gigi Jordan...was "babbling incoherently" when police found her on the floor of Room 1603 inside the Peninsula Hotel on Fifth Ave., shortly before noon, the sources said.
The boy had been dead for about a day when they found him. There were signs on his body of an overdose. The mother "lawyered-up" immediately, according to police, and is not talking.

An Aunt living in Belgium and said to be terrified for the safety of Jude, contacted authorities after receiving emails from Jordan inside the Peninsula Hotel saying she intended to kill herself and her son.

Gigi Jordan was distraught over the break-up of her marriage. She lives in the Trump Tower, checked into the Peninsula with her boy on Wednesday night, barricaded the hotel room door, and was not seen again. Jordan was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Update 2-7-10:
Jude's father is Emil Tzekov. He live in California. He and Gigi were married for 5 years. The boy's last name is "Mirra."  Emil says Gigi is "not a killer."
Tzekov said his ex-wife quit her lucrative job as a pharmaceutical executive to raise the boy, who couldn't speak and battled other health issues.
Tzekov said he last saw the boy in early 2007, before Jordan cut off all contact and disappeared.

"It was distressing," he said. "She blocked my e-mails, her cell phone didn't work."
Friends and family say he tried unsuccessfully to find Jude - even hiring a private investigator. But he only discovered the boy and his mother were living in Manhattan after the botched murder-suicide.
"We had no nannies," he said. "She could afford them, but she wanted to do everything herself. She made sure all his food was perfect, that he was sleeping so many hours. Everything."

It took a terrible toll on Jordan, Tzekov said.

"She left her work, her partnerships, her social life," he added. "She used to go to business dinners and go shopping. But she stopped all that to take care of Jude."

Tzekov said the last time he saw Jude was soon after the boy underwent a complex transplant to try to strengthen his immune system at Chicago Children's Hospital.

"He was in pain," Tzekov said. "She maybe saw her son dying. Maybe not physically dying, but he was living with pain.
It wasn't just misbehavior," he said. "It was screaming, something that the medication tried to help. For some reason, she felt helpless.
Gigi Jordan has been charged with murder.

This report from the NYDailyNews says the mother left several long, rambling notes. In once, she "suggested her son was a rape victim" and "in constant pain.
She mentioned speaking with a Wyoming child porn investigator about the sexual abuse of kids.

Ex-FBI agent Flint Waters "told me many rich people are involved," Jordan wrote. "Many wealthy guys trade child porn like a hobby."

Waters did not return a call Friday night.

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