Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alan Grayson Jason Mattera Interview: Funding for Am Indian Child Sexual Abuse Perpetrators

In this video Jason Mattera interviews Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL-8), and asks about the funding of Native American (Indian) child sexual perpetrators. It is in the bill and Grayson didn't know it. OR it was in the bill and was taken out. One way or the other, it was there at some point. No way to know until the passed legislation, in the final form, is posted online.

I tried a screen grab but could not get it to upload, so I copied and pasted. Watch the video to see what Grayson says:

HR 3962, Sec. 713, CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE AND PREVENTION TREATMENT PROGRAMS Page 1925 in my pdf (1950 in Mattera's)

16 ‘‘(a) ESTABLISHMENT.—The Secretary, acting
17 through the Service, shall establish, consistent with section
18 701, in every Service Area, programs involving treatment
19 for—
20 ‘‘(1) victims of sexual abuse who are Indian
21 children or children in an Indian household; and
22 ‘‘(2) perpetrators of child sexual abuse who are
23 Indian or members of an Indian household.
24 ‘‘(b) USE OF FUNDS.—Funding provided pursuant to
25 this section shall be used for the following:

•HR 3962 IH
1 ‘‘(1) To develop and provide community edu
2 cation and prevention programs related to sexual
3 abuse of Indian children or children in an Indian
4 household.

In the same vein, Republicans today asked to amend the House Reconciliation bill, titled No Erectile Dysfunction Drugs to Sex Offenders. Democrats refused.

video via The Lonely Conservative

Jason Mattera interviews Alan Grayson (video)
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