Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Babies Vaccinated with Pig Virus

The bad news is the Rotarix vaccine is contaminated with a pig virus. The good news is, the FDA says pig virus probably won't harm your bay. No definitive word on how many contaminated vaccines were given, but the article does day about 1 million children in the U.S. have gotten Rotarix. The Rota Teq vaccine is considered safe, according to FDA officials.

The contamination was only found after an academic research team devised a technique to look for viruses in vaccines - found this one and notified the maker, GlaxoSmithKline. Maybe we can avoid dangerous vaccinations and other questionable medical procedures like this in our health care if we send the whole process through the Obama White House for approval. We need someone looking out for us, and obviously, the FDA can't do it. Oh...what...you say vaccines will be blessed by the Oval Office now that health care reform has passed? Well, I should have known it.

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