Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obama Health Care Like Christmas: DeCarlo Flythe No Bills No Worries

DeCarlo Flythe says he was laid off and lost his insurance. What about Cobra? No it isn't cheap, but why didn't you make the sacrifice? ObamaKare will be just "like Christmas" he says. Tax paying Americans will be his Santa Clause.

I would like to ask the two men featured in this video how many cell phones in your family, how many TV's do you own, how many video games do you own, do you have cable television, do you rent or go to the movies, how often do you eat out, and if you don't eat out then it is obvious you eat well?  If the answer is none and never, then we know you are on Medicaid. If you are not on Medicaid, and still have not taken responsibility for yourself and your loved ones, then shame on you. My husband and I have sacrificed all our adult life to provide health insurance for us and our loved ones. We've paid Cobra at times, we've covered our own employees...and sacrificed through our own paychecks. We've had medical bills and had to pay them off - sometimes not quickly.

Illness can and does devastate some of us, and I'm not making light of that, but we also have a lot of people who game the system and refuse to contribute to their own care.  Honestly, I am so weary of moochers.

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