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David Murrin Americas Decline - The East Rises:

Perhaps you heard this on Rush today. I caught just a few words and then stumbled on the video and some commentary [linked below the video]  while researching a piece on the SEC's Mary Schapiro and porn at the SEC. David Murrin, a co-founder of Emergent Asset Management, appeared on Squawk Box Europe, and he believes that America is the last of all the Christian empires - the last one of the Christian empires, and we are in decline. See the video below the partial transcript.

David Murrin

From Rush Limbaugh:

I think sometimes long term history impacts the now and we're in it like a schism, like two tectonic plates that suddenly shift after a hundred years of energy building up. And that's really the end of the western Christian empire. It's bigger than the British empire, the American empire. It's the sum of all the Christian empires for nearly 900 years. And America is the last one. And when the last one changes and declines, which it's in, it will be very rapid, it's the end of the whole system.
At the same time the system that rises challenges far quicker as it moves into the vacuum created by the old system, and that's the east. The surprise will be the rate of that change. And we view the new administration in America as new hope. Unfortunately, if you look at historical precedents of underclass and the mechanism of an underclass actually coming to the fore demographically, it is not new hope, it's the beginning of the end. And we're seeing that very quickly take place.
Did you hear that? Did you understand what this guy said? He said that when the underclass, the mechanisms of an underclass come to the fore demographically. To translate this for you people in Rio Linda and Port St. Lucie, when the poor are expanded and more and more people become poor and become wards of the state, it's the beginning of the end. When the underclass -- that's a British term, underclass means the poor, it doesn't mean they're lesser people. 
When the poor become the dominant group, it's over, by definition it's over. Well, do I accpt this? I do not accept this yet. I do not believe that it is inevitable, but I do believe that the path we're on would lead to this if we don't stop this, absolutely. That's hot it works...if we don't stop this. We know what history says, that we're bound to repeat it if we ignore it.
The refusal of Obama to commit to the missile defense system in Poland was a terrible sign to the adversaries of America. They saw it as weakness. And, in fact, if you look at chinese policy since and articulation, it's been far more aggressive and expansive. So the moment that the incumbent shows its inability to project power and use the power it has, the challengers move forward very quickly, 56% of their society is male. In a normal society it's 51. That's 5% of extra risk capital and what that means is they are far more risk orientated than actually a society in the west.
...They've got 56% males which means they got a lot of guys they can afford to lose in battle. And they perceive Obama as weak. And they're acting on it. And so are the others of our adversaries, see Obama as weak. In other words, this guy is an unmitigated disaster no matter which way you slice it.... 
There's more than transcribed. Empire-building and empire-declines - worth a listen and look.

David Murrin on America's Future - History Repeating Itself (video)

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