Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Three Reasons ObamaCare Will Not Reduce the Deficit

If anyone still honestly believes ObamaCare will reduce the deficit, this video is for you. These are points we've made many times, but if you are in the "believing" category, then you are not paying attention. Please pay some attention now. Nick Gillespie at ReasonTV explains:

"...underestimating expenses isn't a "bug," it's a feature of government health insurance plans."
In the video below, you'll hear about the 'DocFix." Read more on the 'DocFix' here. See other related links below the video. Thanks to HotAir and ReasonTV.

More from Nick Gillespie:
But not only will the legislation not cut one thin dime from the deficit, it will also certainly cost far more than the $940 billion in new spending already on the table for at least three reasons.
Three Reasons ObamaCare Won't Reduce the Deficit (video)

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