Sunday, March 14, 2010

Health Care Reconciliation Bill Posted - Includes Public Option

Health care reconciliation is posted online - includes a public option - late Sunday evening!

You can read it on Scribd thanks to the Senate Republicans. (thanks to Malkin)

Page 4, Line 17 (B) creates a new Health Insurance Exchange, with a public health insurance option alongside private plans;

Page 166 - Subtitle B - Public Health Insurance Option

Updates as available. Read Michelle Malkin's latest at 10:24 PM EDT

Karen at The Lonely Conservative just put this up:

Via Michelle Malkin on Twitter.
The Democrats posted the whopping 2309 page bill online. Is there anyone out there with a little, or should I say, a lot of spare time on your hands? If so, let me know what you find. It does include the student loan provision – page 2099. I don’t have much time, but see on page four line 17  “Creates a new Health Insurance Exchange, with a public health insurance option alongside private plans.” The meat of the public option can be found on page 116.
No match was found for abortion. 
There’s all sorts of statist language, like “ensuring a level playing field.” Let me know what else you can dig up, I have to get up early and go to work in the morning, so I can’t stay up all night pouring through it. Figures they’d release it on a Sunday night. 
Update: Read Michelle Malkin’s latest post on how they’re slaughtering the Constitution.
From Maggie:

Remember this week that Republicans said Senate Parliamentarian Kurt Conrad said the President must first sign health care into law before it can be reconciled or have changes made.

QandO reports another side of the story from Politico, and says the GOP may have misinterpreted what the Parliamentarian said. Nevertheless, QandO brings in this doubt:

Yet, something from the Politico piece strikes me as a bit off, constitutionally speaking. Specifically, this quote (bolded below) doesn’t make any sense:
That is that reconciliation must amend law but this could be done without the Senate bill being enacted first. “It is wholly possible to create law and qualify law before the law is on the books,” said one person familiar with situation.
I am almost certain that this is not correct. The Constitution is pretty clear on this matter:
Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a Law, be presented to the President of the United States; …
Art. I, Sect. 7 (emphasis added)

More as info is available. 

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