Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health Care Vote Sunday Clashes with Immigration March on Washington DC: LaRaza Opposes Senate Health Care

As LaRaza comes out with the official opposition to the Senate Health Care bill, thousands of Hispanics are readying for an Immigration March on Washington, D.C. on Sunday, the same day the House should be voting on the health care bill. SEIU members have received the call to show up. The city's Riot Police are gearing up (just kidding...but maybe). Sanitation workers might get overtime.

Hispanic Counties by 2007 - Immigration March 

"Tens of thousands" are reported to be on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to push for immigration reform." 

Phone and fax lines are jammed in the People's House today, and will probably remained jammed - and especially on vote day - Sunday. Frustrating for those gathering to try to get Congress to talk to them about making illegals legal.

The bright side for the marchers is that perhaps the vote cannot be held on Sunday, because Democrats have not yet posted their bill online and they have promised a 72-hour-window for review of the bill. To vote on Sunday, they will have to renege on the 72-access to the bill, which is not problematic for a Liberal. But maybe the marchers will get lucky. Maybe they will take LaRaza's lead and add pressure for a 'no' vote on health care. What a circus!

More than 700 buses are bringing an estimated 100,000 supporters to the nation’s capital for the March for America. Participants are hoping to show strength in numbers on the ground, and flex muscle on Capitol Hill as well.
Advocacy groups are organizing countless phone banks and Congressional office visits to encourage lawmakers to support a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants who live and work in the United States.
Marchers are not happy that Obama's promise to give 'top priority' to amnesty in his first year, has not be fulfilled. They say they just can't wait any longer and will be there on Sunday. Immigration is broken, they say, but the one thing we know is, we have immigration laws but they are flagrantly ignored and abused.

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