Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pelosi Scrubs CBO Letter from Net: Paul Ryan Dems Abuse Confidentiality of CBO: CBO Score Not Official

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) revealed today that Nancy Pelosi received a letter from the CBO, which she failed to release, touting the CBO scoring of $940 billion - giddy that it is under $1 trillion, and failed to tell America that the CBO said the the estimate is not official because they have not yet factored-in the reconciliation bill - because it has not been made available for scoring. Pelosi is has seemingly scrubbed the CBO letter she received from the Internet. MSNBC and Human Events linked to it and both are coming up errors. No small coincidence. But you can see some of that CBO message to Pelosi below. Ryan also makes the point that Democrats have "abused the confidentiality of the CBO," and obviously she has lied again about health care legislation.

Rep. Ryan made this statement today:

The Congressional Budget Office has confirmed that there is currently no official cost estimate. Yet House Democrats are touting to the press -- and spinning for partisan gain -- numbers that have not been released and are impossible to confirm. 
Rep. James Clyburn stated he was "giddy" about these unsubstantiated numbers. This is the latest outrageous exploitation by the Majority -- in this case abusing the confidentiality of the nonpartisan Congressional budget Office -- to pass their massive health care overhaul at any cost.
Here is at least a portion of the CBO's private and special letter to Nancy from the MSNBC links above:
Although CBO completed a preliminary review of legislative language prior to its release, the agency has not thoroughly examined the reconciliation proposal to verify its consistency with the previous draft. This estimate is therefore preliminary, pending a review of the language of the reconciliation proposal, as well as further review and refinement of the budgetary projections.

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