Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pelosi Hoyer Lewis Make Perp Walk through HealthCare Protesters: Immigration Protest Today

What a disgraceful display and lack of respect from the representatives of "The People's House." Reps. Pelosi, Hoyer and Lewis made a Perp Walk through the health care protesters today- their way of thumbing their tilted-noses at the overwhelming majority of Americans who oppose the legislation they will likely pass. When the Senate Health Care bill passes, it will be illegal. It cannot pass the test the Commerce Clause requires for mandated health care. I am confident the Supreme Court will eventually deny the House this victory. An Hispanic immigration protest is taking place on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. today...but who cares. I will update here with info, photos or videos of the Perp Walk when available. Reaganite Republican is reporting 30,000 health care protesters on Capital Hill!

NOTE: In the Fox video of Pelosi's perp walk, I though I saw her holding a huge gavel. Reader/blogger Bunni saw it, and now I find this photo:

Pelosi Perp Walk with Dyed-to-Match Shoes

Pelosi Perp Walk

At this moment, Major Garrett is reporting that Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) is still a no vote, but is hoping for a Presidential Executive order prohibiting taxpayer funding for abortions. My prediction: Stupak and his coalition will vote for the Bill.

Chad-someone, sorry, didn't get his name, at FOXNews, reporting live, says he has not seen a single pro-health care protester anywhere.

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