Sunday, March 28, 2010

Right Reading Round-up 3-28-10 at Maggie's Notebook

Here are some gems found in the blogosphere this week:

 Liberty 1776 Blog - a new blog with stirring commentary on liberty and freedom in the very first post. There are several videos - one not to be missed is a former citizen of the Soviet Union, now in America and married to an America, and her alarm at what is happening in American today (she mentions our Senators). Mrs. Barzel's uncle spent 25 years behind bars in Siberia.

Staci at Bliss has a dead-pan post on health care in and out of Canada that had me belly-laughing (something rare for me), and there's a mention of "two inches of black root rot," in the hair of a former friend - not to mention an astute thought about the racism against taxing tanning salons.

teresaamerica has a great Cavuto video with Ted Nugent calling out the Democrat pigs. It doesn't get any better than this! Another follows with Pink Floyd and Flying Pigs doing the same. As the Nugent video rolls, note the right side of the screen. You and I certainly thought this communist health care bill could only pass in America when pigs fly, and you'll see they have.

Doug Ross says 2 million union retirees are unaware of the pending disaster coming their way in a short 9 months...when they lose their private health care.

Holger Awakens, my war blogging friend, has a very intense and personal essay on tyranny. It's very, very good. I hope you will read it and then click over to read that the Pakistan Air Force bombed a mosque, a madrassa and a seminary. Phenomenal! Found this pithy billboard at Holger's.

Michelle Malkin says Andrew Breitbart is offering $10,000 to the United Negro College Fund for concrete proof that the "N" word was used at Sunday's protests in Washington, D.C. (as the Congressional Black Caucus) - and he doesn't need proof of the word being chanted 15 times as Rep. Andre Carson said happened - just one time will send the $10,000 to the UNCF.

James at Reaganite Republican is talking about Rep. Alan Grayson and his wish for a world without Republicans. See a great video interview with Ed Schultz and the congressman. You'll remember Grayson for numerous reason - latest his surprise that the health care bill he voted for provides funds to Native American child sex abusers. Yeah, that Alan Grayson. Two more things about Reaganite Republican. He was mentioned by Rush about 10 days ago - CONGRATULATIONS!, and about once a week (maybe on Fridays) James puts up a Rock-n-Roll Oldie. This week it stars the incomparable Joe Cocker. You'll find it here.

Stanford at Blog@MoreWhat has the astonishing news that a real "scholar" actually was brave enough to say that Arab culture is to blame for Mideast violence.

Storm'n Norm'n writes of the atrocities at the United Nations and their record on human rights. While we have been so wrapped up in ObamaKare, the U.N. is going about their dastardly business.

Bloviating Zeppelin is talking about the dangers of visiting Mexico and the coming immigration legislation

Observations has a video of a very sober Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) speaking about the federal government and health care.

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