Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Caller: Obama Snookered Us: Man in Obama Audience Did not Faint - He Was Hauled Off?

Whoa! A woman is on Rush Limbaugh right now talking about the man who supposedly fainted at an Obama speech yesterday in Ironton, Ohio. She said Obama began pointing and saying "someone call a medic, call a medic," or something like that. The CSPAN  cameras allegedly panned to 4 or 5 policemen dragging a man out of the room. Another woman yelled at Obama "how dare you." Video added of Obama calling for the medic, and you can hear the woman yell "how dare you." Nothing yet on the guy being hauled off.

Rush Limbaugh

This Rush caller said the woman saying "how dare you" meant 'how dare you, Obama, stifle this man's free speech," and the belief is, the man was trying to protest Obama in some way, and Obama decided he could make lemonade by making it appear there was another fainter, obviously so smitten with his adorable persona, that the man fainted. Here's the link at Rush's site.

Rush cut to a commercial. Can't wait to hear the rest of this. I'll stay on and report back if there is more to the story, or validation of the story. Okay, my reader wtd, points out that you can hear the woman shout "how dare you" at the 40 mark. Turn your volume up. It is clearly heard with volume up.

Obama: Audience Member Faints During Ohio Rally? (center)

The Lonely Conservative linked and provided the video. 

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