Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How the Democrats Legislate: Watch John Murtha Cheat the Vote Live on Camera

The Thinker Blog asks "what lengths will the Dems go to?" That question reminded me of an unbelievable video of the now deceased, Congressman Jack Murtha (D-PA), lying and cheating and deceiving while standing at the podium of the People's House. The desecration of the House floor took place in August 2007, 1-1/2 years before Barack Obama mounted the Oval Office.

It strikes me that we never heard a single objection from the Democrat party in the House that day. The message cannot be clearer: These people are Far-Left and dangerous. Let us never forget it! Let us be ready to fight it.

Rep. John Murtha lies, cheats, deceives on the floor of the People's House (video)

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