Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Arizona Wants Obama Birth Certificate for 2012 Election

The Arizona House of Representatives approved a measure that will require Barack Obama to present his birth certificate before being on the Arizona ballot in 2012. Now the Senate must approve the bill before it becomes law. The vote was 31-29, with four Republicans voting no with all of the Democrats. Arizona will not only be asking only for Obama's birth certificate. All presidential candidates will have to provide a birth certificate that proves natural born status. What is it that makes a Democrat or a Republican ignore a Constitutional mandate? I just don't get it. I really do not get it.

I have to assume that Arizona wants the "long form birth certificate" that contains the doctor signature, name of the hospital and cannot be dispensed unless the baby is actually born on Hawaiian soil. The birth certificate that the Obama campaign provided during the 2008 election "could" be issued to anyone requesting a Hawaiian birth certificate, if the time requirements are met.

To state Democratic Rep. Krysten Sinema, this law makes Arizona "the laughing stock of the nation," but Republican state Rep. Cecil Ash says he does not doubt Obama's citizenship but he supports the measure because it could help end doubt. Sinema's foolish remark shows where are in this country today. We are at a place where the law is ignored far too often in critical areas.

No one with any capacity for reasonable thought should object to a "proper" birth certificate for any one in the Oval Office.  The objections and attacks make no sense unless someone is trying to hide something. I hope all states will adopt this policy. It is a law that should have been in place for years and years.

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