Thursday, April 22, 2010

Michael Steele DePaul University: Steele: No Reason for Blacks to Vote Republican

I haven't said much about Michael Steele and the oddities that keep popping up associated with his chairmanship of the Republican National Committee, but...now...I think he must step down. Steele has told a group DePaul University students that African Americans "don't have a reason" to vote for Republicans. Then he opined that some whites are afraid to be in the same room with him. It is time for Steele to move on.

 Michael Steele

One of the easiest questions to answer, if you understand and believe in conservatism, is what the Republican party has to offer to students at DePaul University or any other university.

How about offering "opportunity," and "freedom" and "lower taxes" and "smaller government," as opposed to "a mortgage that you didn't have to qualify for and afford to pay each month." Steele, a self-described "Lincoln conservative," is a fine example of a very important principle: the color of your skin does not matter in the Republican party. This is has been proven over and over if you look at the political and cabinet  appointments of George W. Bush.

I want to hear from Steele what the Democrat party has done for DePaul students.

Steele has found a way to rise to the top through the Republican party, but the man is not a believer in conservative principles. He must go. Now.

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