Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gov Jan Brewer Explains the Horror in Arizona: We Will Protect Ourselves

Arizona governor, Jan Brewer, explains in no uncertain words, the horrors residents of Arizona are going through because of broken borders, and why the new Arizona law to handle illegal aliens is exactly like federal law, and will not result in civil rights violations. See a video below.

Jan Brewer

Every U.S. president is charged with the same prime responsibility: keep America safe. Instead, every president after Reagan has allowed open borders to increase to boost their voting base. Every one of those presidents should have been impeached. Every Republican candidate for Congress must know that he/she will not get our vote unless they commit to a "real" fence, of however many levels it takes to do the job, and promises never to vote for amnesty. Every member of Congress must lose their job unless they adhere to the Rule of Law, which is, if you are here illegally, you are illegal and have broken the Rule of Law. It's a "mindset," America. We must adopt it with firm resolve, it is our only protection.

Brewer, speaking of Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary, and Brewer's predecessor, the Governor says this:
I have written her a letter, of course, and I've seen -- I saw her at a meeting. But she obviously is turning a blind eye to Arizona. She understands what the situation is. She wrote numerous letters when she was governor to the administration, looking for help and some relief. 

And for her to make the comment that she made that the borders are, what was it, that the borders just as secure -- are more secure than they have ever been -- well, they've never been secure. We are a gateway for every illegal immigration and criminal element into the United States.
I'm impressed with Governor Brewer's resolve. God bless her as she fights this battle for all of us.

Governor Jan Brewer on Arizona illegal aliens and Janet Napolitano (video)

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