Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oklahoma Delegation to Vote No on Puerto Rican Democracy Act

I have contacted each member of the Oklahoma delegation about the Puerto Rican Democracy Act, H.R. 2499. The bill is still being debated. I believe it is safe to say, the Oklahoma delegation will vote against the bill. Rep. Cole's office wasn't completely clear and Rep. Fallin will not be available to vote. Have you called your delegation? There's still time, and believe me, Congress is recording your opinion.


For background on the importance of voting this bill down, read this.

According to their offices:

Rep. Dan Boren (D) will vote not to pass the bill as we know it.

Rep. Tom Cole (R) no definite answer. Cole has not yet made up his mind, but a spokesman said it is possible that the bill will be gutted. I believe the intimation was, if the bill can be gutted, the Congressman might be a "Yes" vote, which concludes that he is against the bill as we know it.

Rep. Mary Fallin (R) is out of the office with an emergency root canal, but her office is tallying the opinions of voters.

Rep. Frank Lucas (R) is voting against the bill as we know it.

Rep. John Sullivan (R) is voting against the bill as we know it.

Here's a link to find your congressman/woman. Even though I live in Oklahoma's District 1, I called the entire delegation. Call now.

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