Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Israelis Warned to Get Out of the Sinai Now!

On Tuesday, Israelis were warned to get out of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula...now. Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau warned of plans to kidnap Israeli nationals and smuggle them to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah tunnels I've mentioned several times.

Israel, the Sinai Peninsula and The Red Sea

In a very unusual move, Brigadier-General Nitzan Nuriel, the head of the Counter-Terrorism Bureau asked this:
Families of Israelis now in Sinai are requested to make contact and update them of this travel warning."
The Bureau issued warnings before Passover and asked Israelis not to travel to the area:
Despite the warning, Israel's Airports Authority recorded a 36% jump in the number of Israelis traveling to Sinai this Passover compared to last. Some 20,000 Israelis passed through Israel's souther border during the holiday.
How can that be explained???
Despite the Bureau warnings, few Israelis were seen leaving Sinai through the central border crossing in Taba. 

From YNetNews:
Nuriel [Brigadier-General Nitzan Nuriel] added that Israel believes that whatever organization is behind the latest abduction warning, it is being operated by Hamas, adding that an adbucted Israeli may end up being tranfferred to Gaza via Rafah's tunnels...
New and up-to-date intelligence information accumuated, and it points to a terror cell completing its preparations, marking a target, receiving the green light, and carrying out the act -- or en route to carrying it out," he said

Rumors are already spreading that some Israelis have been kidnapped, although the rumors have not been confirmed.

This report says thousands of Israelis routinely vacation along the Red Sea coast [the one that Moses parted].

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