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Right Reading Roundup 4-13-10 at Maggie's Notebook

When I do a reading round-up, it is never easy to stop the "picking." I hope you enjoy these picks, among the many available. 

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Hillarynme has some astonishing quotes from foreign press about the American president. The European Union Times quotes Sarkozy calling Obama “a  dangerous[ly] aliéné,” which means "insane person," - look it up.  I did. Another from Western Journalism Center says Obama "seems to be slipping into a slightly more delusional state these days."

Reaganite Republican asks "How Obama will explain-away his former Illinois seat going Republican?" Friends, Mark Kirk is someone we need to know more about, and Reaganite Republican has all the details.
This US Senate seat - the same one Blago tried to sell - is in increasing danger of being taken by Republican Mark Kirk after it was reported that the Gianoullias family's Broadway Bank had lent $20 million to Chicago criminals...
 Always on Watch tells of the Obama's attendance at a D.C. church on Easter Sunday. I don't want to give this one away, but you really need to know what happened when the First Family entered the sanctuary.

TeresaAmerica has two videos of Barack Obama's cousin, Dr. Milton Wolf, speaking against the new health care law. Bet you have not heard about this! The second video shows an articulate Dr. Wolfe (he looks 'clean' too) speaking passionately and convincingly without the help of a teleprompter - while saying ObamaKare is "flawed to the core."

Amerisrael looks at the moral indictment against the entire world for "failure to act," if Israel must go-it-alone against Iran - "the stark reality world leaders need to wake up to."

Holger Awakens reveals that the most dangerously, radical Islamist in the world lives among us here in America, in an "armed fortress in the midst of the Pocono Mountains." Read this story and then think about the, at least, 5 children born to every Muslim wife (and some Muslims have more than one wife), who become instant American citizens...and attend this man's American taxpayer funded schools. This is a heart-stopping story. You know the old adage: "they are coming for us." Well, they are coming for us.

The Lonely Conservative has the video that took down the servers at CNS News after reporting that Obama Science Czar John Holden told students that "we can't expect to be No. 1 at everything, indefinitely."

ChicagoRay reports that the Obama's Recovery Act will cost $75 billion MORE THAN ESTIMATED. Check his calculator to find how much you owe.

Bloviating Zeppelin examines everything that this country cannot afford, and ends with a another incredible Reagan quote "querying the people" about what they are willing to do about spending, and helping doctors fight against socialized medicine. From 1964 - incredible!

Social Sense writes about Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and our military. While we think we would recognize TBI...maybe not. Read and have a better understanding of what our military and their families face all too often.

Storm'n Norm'n has more about our veterans who need you to call your Senator about payments to TRICARE. Without action, millions of seniors and military beneficiaries" may be left without a primary care provider. Norm has the details.

Viewed from the Right has some intriguing info in an article titled Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Of course, "union thugs" are mentioned - and bumper stickers, with pressure brought on some Tea Partiers.

Ol' Broad explains why a call to Tea Party infiltrators resembles "indoctrination replacing education," and why the First Amendment is not just for Libtards.

Speaking of Tea Parties, Chris Wysocki at Wyblog talks about his New Jersey Tea Party Patriots and his neighbor's reaction to his yard sign.

Several good comprehensive posts on the news of the deaths of Polish president, and staunch American ally, Lech Kaczynski, his wife along with a considerable number of the country's leaders,
Amusing Bunni has the on-site video of the plane crash.

Ruby Slippers with a great round-up of the breaking news.

Pat Dollard with "Much of the Pro-West Political Establishment" of Poland Killed in Russia"
Monkey-in-the-Middle explains the recognition of the Day of Remembrance to memorialize those who were murdered in the Holocaust. Choose among several deeply touching videos, and learn about the the documentation of the Holocaust.

Last but absolutely not least, Shane at Political Vindication has a post on Planned Parenthood: Young people living with HIV have the right to sexual pleasure." Yes, you read that right. If you did not read it here when he shared it with Maggie's Notebook, please go to Political Vindication and read it. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or young neighbors - you need to understand how all are led to risky behavior that could lead to fatal results.


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