Monday, April 26, 2010

Janet Napolitano Calls for Biometric Registration for Illegal Aliens

Former Arizona governor, Janet Napolitano, is taking shots at Arizona's new illegal alien law and she says we need reform now, which will include" biometric registration for illegal aliens, as well as mandatory English." What kind of reform is that? There is no respect for the Rule of Law. When did we acquiesce to breaking the law to get what some want, at the expense of others, and at the expense of breaking our Nation's laws?

Janet Napolitano

The Obama administration has it all figured out - fines, biometric registration and mandatory English. How's that for illegal alien reform?

Saying she views the illegal alien problem in Arizona a "security" problem, comes just a little late, as she did nothing to curb the incursion across her state's borders when she sat in the Governor's chair. She left that nasty job for a Republican Governor, Jan Brewer, another woman who is five times the woman Napolitano can ever hope to be.

America, what can we do about Government officials not respecting the Rule of Law, and encouraging other officials to break the law? Napolitano must leave her position as Homeland Security Secretary. We can no longer afford to flush the Rule of Law down our political sewers. I am appalled at the blithness with which our President, our Homeland Security Secretary and Eric Holder, our U.S. Attorney General, break the law by enabling others to break the law.

To aimlessly repeat, and repeat, if you are not here legally, you are here illegally.

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