Friday, April 23, 2010

Obamas Immigration is My Illegal Aliens

In this video, listen as the inelegantly arrogant Barack Obama speaks of the new "misguided" law in Arizona to curb illegal aliens. He says his administration plans to keep a close watch on the state to make certain the "basic notions of fairness that we cherish" are not violated. He says Americans demand responsible action. With all due respect, America is demanding the Rule of Law be respected.

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Well, here's the thing. When it comes to illegal aliens, not immigrants - an immigrant comes legally to the U.S. - so let's get it straight, we should not be talking about "immigration" when we mean illegal aliens, and we certainly should not be using the term "immigration" from the floor of the House or Senate, when it  is clearly a lie.

Obama talks about acting responsibly, which does not include following the Rule of Law. How irresponsible and disrespectful is that? Let's make it clear: if we followed our existing laws, we would be acting responsibly and respectfully for, and of, We the People.

I call on every legislator to deny the use of "immigration" from the House and Senate floor if referring to illegal aliens. If the word "immigration" goes into the House and Senate records to identify those in this country illegally, it's a lie. I call on every Representative and Senator to stand up and object to the word "immigration" or "immigrant" when it is used to misrepresent those in this country illegally.

We can change the laws, but in the meantime, don't lie to the people and make the lies a part of the permanent record. And by the way, I blame George W. Bush for all this and more when it comes to illegal aliens.

Obama Slams Arizona Illegal Alien Law (video)

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