Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jason Mattera Jim Moran: Mattera Reminds Moran of $12M Stimulus Went to Non Existent District

Jason Mattera is a young hero - no doubt about it. He confronts Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) about the $12 million in Stimulus funds that went to a non-existant Congressional District in Virginia.

Jason Mattera

At first, Moran grovels in Mattera's "thanks" for getting the money for Virginia's 12th. Then Moran 'gets it' and you can see his aides trying to step in. Mattera asks "why don't you show some respect for taxpayer dollars?" Moran's body language goes into fighting mode, but unfortunately for him - he had no real defense. He finally tells Moran that it was just a "clerical error." Jason reminds him that "billions went to districts that don't exist." Moran aides are nervous - but they don't daunt Mattera.

Thanks to Hot Air. See JasonMattera.com for more.

Jason Mattera and Rep. Jim Moran (vdeo)

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