Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Species of Man Revealed: Childs Skeleton from 2M Years Revealed

This Thursday, scientists will reveal a two-million-year-old skeleton of "a child!" From the hominid species, said to be "the evolutionary branch of primates that includes humans," some believe 'the child' belonged to a "previously-unknown type of early human ancestor that bridged the gap between ape-dom and humans. To add a little humor, Drudge has this headline above the photo seen below:


Experts who have seen the skeleton say it shares characteristics with Homo habilis, whose emergency 2.5 millions years ago is seen as a key stage in the evolution of our species.
The new discovery could help to rewrite the history of human evolution by filling in crucial gaps in the scientific knowledge...
Palaeontologists and human evolutionary experts behind the discovery have remained silent abut the exact details of what they have uncovered, but the scientific community is already abuzz with anticipation of the announcement of the find when it is made on Thursday.
The skeleton was found by Professor Lee Berger, from the University of the Witwatersrand, while exploring cave systems in the Sterkfontein region of South Africa, near Johannesburg, an area known as "the Cradle of Humanity."
 Read the entire story at The Telegraph.

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