Friday, April 23, 2010

Stanley Dwayne Sheffield Delta Flt 2148 Arrested: Get Behind Me Satan: Kevin Kennedy: Its the real deal

Stanley Dwayne Sheffield aboard Delta Flight 2148 was subdued by crew and passengers when he tried to open the main cabin door and threatened to blow up the airplane. He shouted "get behind me Satan" at a flight attendant and approached the cockpit door yelling the same thing. The FBI said the incident was not terror related, and a Delta spokeswoman said the passengers were never in jeopardy.  I'll have a photo up when available, in the meantime Satan will be his place holder. See new video below with photo of Sheffield.

"I am going to bring this plan down" Sheffield said. "You need to land this plane or I'm going to blow it up...I will blow up this plane and take you all with me."
Kevin Kennedy, a Tampa Bay Rays broadcaster and former major league manager, helped subdue Sheffield along with 7 other passengers.. They tied him up with seat belt extenders and nylon hand restraints, which he broke, and then a leather belt was used. The flight was diverted to Albuquerque.

A Delta spokesman said the Airbus A320 from Los Angeles to Tampa with 100 passengers and 7 crew were never in jeopardy. The FBI said the incident was not related to terrorism, but I would place money on the fact that there was plenty of terror aboard Delta Flight 2148.

Sheffield, 46, was taken into federal custody when the plane landed at 1:30 a.m. today.

About 90 minutes after take-off, a flight attendant in first class noticed that Sheffield was awake. She asked if he needed anything. He didn't answer. About 15 minutes later the flight attendant asked again if he needed anything and again he didn't answer. Then, as all these nutjobs do, he got up and went to the lavatory. When he came back out he grabbed a 2-liter bottle of water from a drink cart and sprayed the passengers. Then he told the flight attendant to "get behind me Satan." The crew tried to get him back to his seat. Instead he tried to open the main door, all the while shouting that he would "bring the plane down."

Kennedy said he awoke when the flight attendant raised her voice. He saw Sheffield spraying water and "crossing himself."

Sheffield, whose residence is disclosed only as "Florida" was in court today and charged with "interference with flight crew members and destruction of aircraft."

Stanley Dwayne Sheffield (video)

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