Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wyoming Short Film Contest Patrick Mignano: Patrick Mignanos Absaroka

Fellow blogger and sculptor David Lemon sent a link to the Wyoming Short Film contest. David's friend is a friend of the Absaroka filmmaker, Patrick Mignano, who wrote, produced and directed the short.

Patrick Mignano

Visit WyomingShortFilmContest, click "Random," and choose "Top Rated." Absaroka pops up first.

The film is visually quite beautiful. It's a Western with a moral lesson. We see few of both today.


 [Mignano] I got up early and broke the trail out to the location through about three inches of snow on the highway. We were filming on the North Fork of the Shoshone River for the next two days in a forested canyon near Wapiti. There was a light snowfall but the world was a wondrous mountain setting with the penetrating quiet of the snow and mantle it cast over the rocks and trees.
The winner of the contest receives $25,000, which Mignano hopes to use to make a full-length feature. If you want to comment or vote, there is a very easy registration process.

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