Saturday, May 1, 2010

Border Patrol Nabs 105 Illegal Border Crossers: Louie Puroll Pinal County Deputy Shot with AK-47-Type Weapon

As the controversy surrounding Arizona's new illegal alien law continues to heat-up by illegal alien sympathizers, Border Patrol continues to round-up border encroachers by the hundreds. Agents from the Casa Grande Station, Tucson and the Office of Air Marine spotted three groups of illegal aliens. They were rounded-up and taken to Tucson for fingerprinting. A Pinal County, AZ Sheriff's deputy, Louie Pinal,  was shot just above his kidney yesterday with an AK-47-type weapon. See a video below.

Illegal Aliens Nabbed by Border Patrol

The Jacksonville Observer:
Five Hispanic men authorities described as drug smugglers shot a Pinal County sheriff's deputy Friday afternoon when the officer came upon them and a large amount of marijuana in a remote part of south-central Arizona.
The area where the shooting took place is considered a high-traffic drug-and human-smuggling corridor....
...Puroll, 53, was attached about 5 miles south of Interstate 8 near its junction with Arizona Highway 84.
The American Border Patrol (linked below) says the five illegals fired on the DPS helicopter that dropped "special tactic teams" to rescue Deputy Puroll.

What happens to these 105 illegal aliens after the fingerprinting, and why is there not a very sophisticated fence system in the "high-traffic drug-and human-smuggling corridor?" From American Border Patroll, see the border area here and here. Build the fence! In the video below, hear how the violence has escalated in this border area.

Deputy Shot in Pinal County, AZ (video)

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