Saturday, May 1, 2010

George Washington Crossing Park Closed in Pennsylvania due to Budget Cuts

Pennsylvanians and Americans around the country are coming to the aid of the historic George Washington Crossing Park, which memorializes General George Washington and the Continental Army and militia crossing the Delaware River on Christmas night 1776. While money is being raised, so far it isn't enough. While this magnificent piece of American history sits idle, and school buses coming for the reenactment of the Crossing, no longer fill the parking lot, for lack of $1.5M, we have only to think about the waste and fraud in the Stimulus bill to know we have our priorities horribly skewed. See a beautiful video below.

George Washington Crossing Park

Stimulus money funded a study on how "paying attention" improves performance at a cost of $850,000, there was $880,000 to pave a "back-up" runway for the John Murtha Airport, which averages 20 travelers a day, and $11M to Microsoft for a bridge to connect two buildings. This list could go on and on. The waste and fraud of taxpayer monies is incomprehensible, yet an important monument to America's founding is shuttered.

The visitor center and and the programs offered at George Washington Crossing Park are closed due to state budget cuts. The grounds are still open to the public. Read the history of Washington crossing the Delaware here and more here.

George Washington Crossing Park closed (video)

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